Graybar and Thomas & Betts

Rely on Thomas & Betts and Graybar to provide solutions for wire connectors, superstrut, cable trays, grounding and insulation.

Thomas & Betts Corporation can trace its roots back to 1898, when practical, incandescent, electric lighting was first introduced to New York City and two young engineers from Princeton University formed an agency for selling conduit to electrical distributors.


  • Thomas & Betts QuickTurn Basket Tray System

    QuickTurn™ requires no onsite cutting or bending, eliminating material waste and reducing installation time, both of which contribute to cost savings. This made-to-order tray system enables end users to not only order product when needed, but also to order exactly what's needed.


  • Ocal Blue PVC Coated Conduit System

    Thomas & Betts Ocal® Blue PVC coated conduit and fittings represent a complete corrosion protection package for your entire conduit system. This extensive product line includes the largest number of items in stock along with corrosion resistant supports and patching compounds.


  • Thomas and Betts Russellstoll Interconnection Systems

    Interconnection systems need to function in harsh environments, and at higher voltages and currents than what’s needed in traditional applications. Plant managers, specifier engineers, and electrical contractors need resilient plugs, sockets, connectors, and receptacles that hold up in challenging conditions and respond to common problems.


  • New 5" Square Box Now Available from Steel City

    Thomas & Betts has introduced a new line of 5-inch square boxes that are ideal for low voltage cabling systems and alarm devices. Learn more.


  • [VID] Russellstoll Interconnection System

    Thomas and Betts have realigned their Russellstoll interconnection system to a more simple and manageable portfolio without compromising existing or future application needs.


  • [VID] Thomas & Betts: Blackburn Hex-Flex Die System

    This video demonstrates the simple, four-step process to make a UL Listed / CSA Certified connection using the Blackburn® HEX-FLEX® Die System, for a high-quality connection at a low installed cost.


  • Blackburn Hex-Flex Compression Connectors

    The Blackburn Hex-Flex Die System consists of standard Color-Keyed® hex die halves and an indenter. The hex portion keeps the traditional color-coding and die embossing for easy identification and inspection.


  • [VID] Steel City eFab Online Tools

    Thomas & Betts Product Manager Dan Michaelis explains Steel City eFab online tools that help the contractor communicate on the jobsite. Steel City eFab allows contractors to design assemblies online with 3D feedback throughout.


  • Thomas and Betts Metal Framing Products

    Thomas & Betts stainless steel fittings for corrosion and harsh environment protection.


  • eFab Online Prefabricated Rough-in Solution

    eFab™ by Thomas & Betts is an online tool that lets electrical contracting professionals design, order and schedule shipment of Steel City® prefabricated rough-in electrical assemblies.